KiScon 2017:

A Kirk/Spock slash convention

September 15 - 17 2017, Los Angeles, CA

2017 is a big 50th anniversary for Star Trek fans. What? Oh, no, we’re not talking about the anniversary of Star Trek’s first airing, important though that is! We’re talking about the 50th anniversary of the airing of Amok Time – that K/S fan favourite! It first hit TV screens on 15 September 1967, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are holding KiScon 2017 in Los Angeles the weekend of 15-17 September 2017.

KiScon is back in Los Angeles, where the Star Trek series was filmed, at what is now Paramount Studios. The last time we ran a KiScon in L.A., we were downtown at the Kyoto. This time, we’re holding the con at the LAX Holiday Inn, just a stone’s throw from Los Angeles Airport, making getting there much easier for those flying in. If you’re a local, there’s ample parking. We’ve reserved all the function space, so there’ll be no interruptions from people who got lost on their way to a wedding reception, and no need to guard the art show in case curious children wander in!

We have lots planned for the weekend, with fun and games in the opening ceremony, a host of interesting and thought-provoking panels and talks, games, quizzes, competitions, a banquet, a fabulous vid show, an art show and auction, a cosplay contest, a zine library and more, rounded off with a closing ceremony and sad goodbyes – though anyone staying over an extra night will be able to attend the dead le-matya party! Of course, the weekend wouldn't be complete without a showing of that finest of episodes, Amok Time, with members encouraged to cheer and boo throughout! Coming to KiScon gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet other K/S fans and to share your love of Jim and Spock, and to discuss them, Star Trek and slash fandom in general to your heart’s content!

To find out more about all our events over the weekend, please browse the website.

Details of the preferential hotel rates negotiated for the con can be found on the hotel page.

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