Vid Shows

After the success of our vid shows at KiScon 2015 in Seattle, we will continue to give this beautiful art form a prominent place. Larissa as our vid show curator has a lot of exciting events planned.

There will be three video shows at KiScon 2017: Classics, our famous Disco Show on Saturday night, and - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amok Time - our special KiScon Vid Competition - Amok Time Reloaded.

To make these shows as awesome as possible, we ask you, dear vidders round the globe, to send in your vids, please! Whether you are an old-skool vidder or a newcomer, queen of angsty vids or king of crack, seasoned scholar of K/S eye-sex studies, or master of plot transformations—we'd love to feature your works at the KiScon vid shows!

We are looking for:

  • Premieres of all genres: these are vids that have not been published on the Internet or distributed on DVDs/tapes yet (we are lenient if the vid has been shown at a convention in the past, as long as it is not available anywhere)
  • Classics of all genres: vids that showcase the history and rich variety of K/S and Star Trek vidding from the late 1970s to the 2010s
  • Fun & danceable song vids for our Disco Night & Sing-a-Long: exactly what it says on the tin - upbeat vids suitable for singing along and dancing the night away! We will prepare subtitles with the song lyrics for these vids.
  • For the Amok Time Reloaded Vid Competition, please see detailed info below!

Submission guidelines:

  • Star Trek TOS, TAS, movies, reboot are all welcome! However, we strive to keep the balance between TOS and reboot - we withhold the right to shift around vids between classics and disco tribs, if necessary. The focus should be on Kirk/Spock; we will accept a limited number of gen vids, though (but no other pairings).
  • Length limit per vid: 5 minutes.
  • Submissions of up to three vids per vidder permitted. A team counts as a person of its own.
  • There is also going to be a KiScon DVD with a selection of fanvids. Let us know if you’re fine with your vids being included on the DVD (disk space permitting, up to two vids per vidder; let us know your priority).
  • Please submit your vid as high-resolution and high-quality as possible. For the shows, we will use VLC player which can playback almost any vid file you throw at it. We still ask for reasonably common and reliable formats (e.g. .mp4, .mov, .avi - please spare us the pain of .flv or .wmv files). We want your work to look fabulous on the big screen. If you allow us to feature your vid on the official KiScon DVD, please stick to NTSC.

Amok Time Reloaded - The KiScon Vid Competition

50 years ago - on September 15, 1967, to be exact - Kirk and Spock could be seen on TV screens nationwide getting it on for the first time, rolling around in the hot, glittery sands of Vulcan, rubbing bodies groin to groin, erotic asphyxiation and la petite mort all thrown in for good measure.

With Amok Time, screenwriter Theodore Sturgeon created not only a sensation in American TV history, both in terms of themes and cinematography, but also a gift to us fans that keeps on giving. Countless fan works have been created celebrating the concept of pon farr - fics, art, vids - ranging from angst and drama to romance and even utter crack.

This episode blessed us with footage of epic proportions and can be found in so many K/S vids already that it ranks easily among the most recognisable and even over-vidded scenes.

And this is where our competition comes into play:

We want you, dear vidder, to take this over-vidded footage and/or its tropes, and remix and transform them to your heart’s content.

The rules are simple:

  • One competition entry per vidder. (You can certainly submit additional premieres and vids to our shows - see the general information on vidshows at KiScon - but only one vid to this contest.) Teams count as one vidder; so if you submit a vid that you cooked up with your bestie, than you can still submit a second vid that you created on your own.
  • The vid must be under 5 minutes; 2.5 to 4 minutes is recommended.
  • You can use footage from other episodes and other media in general, but the focus must be on Kirk/Spock (TOS, TAS, reboot) and the theme of Amok Time. Outsider POV, stop-motion with action figures, use of manips and fan art are permitted, but no personal re-enactments, please.
  • All entries must be either premieres or at least not older than 2 years.
  • The attending members of KiScon will vote after the show and determine the winner who will be featured on the KiScon blog and recced all over the web. There will also be a prize!
  • Go wild and have fun. Do something outrageous, scandalous, original, fresh! Make your audience roar with laughter or cry hot tears! Make them shiver in pleasure or descend into the madness of plak tow!
  • Attending membership is not required, but if you grace us with your presence at the convention, be prepared to get a room full of adoration.
For more details and technical instructions, please get in touch with Lari using the form below or write to:

Please register your vids as soon as possible by letting us know what you plan to send in (vidder name, title, song, genre, universe, length), either via the form below or send a message to Lari!

Deadline for actual vid submission (preferably by Dropbox or similar download link): 15 Aug 2017. We cannot accept submissions at the convention doors.

We are looking forward to seeing your contributions!

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