Frequently Asked Questions

What is KiScon?

KiScon is a not-for-profit convention for fans of the Kirk/Spock slash relationship. Because of the nature of this fandom, members must be a minimum of 18 years of age to attend. It is staffed completely by volunteers. Membership fees, and money raised from raffle ticket sales, art auction fees and donated art sales go towards running the convention, with any remainder given to a charity nominated by members at the convention.

Who is running KiScon 2017?

KiScon is run entirely by fans, for fans. The committee is made up of people who read, write, draw and vid K/S. In 2017 the committee consists of:
Rhaegal and Amanda Warrington – co-chairs
Lari – Vid Show and competition
Linda B – Registration
Liz K, Sarah and Caren P. - Art show and Auction
Arminaa – con zine and con logo

When/where is KiScon?

KiScon 2017 will take place from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th, 2017 at the Holiday Inn, Los Angeles International Airport.

Why those dates?

September 15th 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Amok Time, the episode that inspired so many K/S stories, videos and works of art.

What time will KiScon start and end?

KiScon formally begins on Friday morning with a full programme of panels, although the Opening Ceremony won’t be until Friday evening. The con ends at 5pm on Sunday after the closing ceremony. Members will be able to register and pick up their membership packs badges beginning on Thursday evening at 7pm. For members staying over on Sunday, there will be a ‘dead le-matya party’, which generally involves watching more vids, playing games and generally hanging out. Alcohol may also be involved.

What is there to do at KiScon?

KiScon has lots of activities to cater for every fan. Please review our website for up to the minute information regarding our program. Activities include:

Opening Ceremony, with videos, ice-breaker games and a 50th anniversary celebration of Amok Time
Two streams of panels catering to both fans of TOS and Reboot
K/S vid show and contest
Art show for original fan-made K/S artwork
Art auction of some of the items displayed in the art show
Saturday night Babel Banquet
Cosplay contest
A Video Room for anyone wanting to watch episodes, movies and other K/S and Shatner and Nimoy related videos
Dealer's Room for zines, and other Trek-related items
Closing Ceremony, with videos, and prize-givings

How much does it cost to attend KiScon?

In order to attend KiScon, you need to purchase a KiScon membership. The rate is $140, rising to $150 from July 15. We cannot take registrations after September 1st as we need to give the hotel final numbers for catering two weeks ahead of the con. Details on how to register is available on our Registration page.

What does a KiScon membership get me?

Your KiScon membership allows you to attend all panels, discussions, the vid show, art show and art auction, as well as the Babel Banquet (including a buffet dinner) on Saturday evening. Part of your membership fee will go towards the con charity which we’ll vote on during the Opening Ceremony. You can follow us on our social media sites (Livejournal, Yahoo Groups, Facebook and Tumblr) to find out about everything KiScon is up to!

Are there single day tickets to KiScon?

Since KiScon is a membership-based non-profit organization, there are no single day tickets to the convention. Everyone who attends KiScon is a KiScon member and can attend the convention on all three days.

I'm interested in coming to KiScon but I don't know anyone

The great thing about a small, niche convention like KiScon is that you have something very specific in common with everyone there. If you're nervous about attending alone and want to get to know people, we recommend volunteering at the convention, which you can do by ticking the box on your membership form or emailing us.

I can’t attend KiScon – is there any way I can still support the con?

We offer Supporting Membership for anyone who can’t make it to the con. Your supporting membership entitles you to a DVD of the con zine and vid show DVDs, plus a few other goodies. The fee will help support the con and will go towards the con’s nominated charity.

What if I buy a Supporting Membership and then decide to attend – will I have to pay the full membership fee?

Good news! Your supporting membership can be converted to a full membership and you will only have to pay the difference at the con rate when you upgrade.

When I pay for a KiScon membership, do I have to use PayPal?

No! And in fact we’d prefer it if you didn’t! You can pay by check and save us the processing fees. When you sign up for membership on the KiScon website, if you check the option to pay by check, you’ll be sent an email with the address to send the check to. Please send the check as soon as you sign up.

How do I book the hotel?

KiScon is being held at the LAX Holiday Inn, 9901 S La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045. To get the con rate of $139 per night, you must book the hotel through the KiScon website. You’ll find a link to it on the venue page

Can I share a room to save on costs?

Yes you can. Rooms come with either a one or two Queen beds and there is no additional cost for up to four sharing. Rollaway beds are also available for $10 a night.

How can I find others to share my room with me?

We’ve created a special page on our website where you can either ask to share someone’s room, or advertise your own to find people to share with you. When you become a member, we’ll give you the page address and password. If you are already a member and have lost these details, please let us know.

I’m flying in – how do I get from the airport to the hotel?

The Holiday Inn is located near the perimeter of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The hotel operates a complimentary shuttle bus from every terminal at LAX. On arrival, just follow the “Hotel and Courtesy Shuttles” signs out of the terminal building and wait at the designated spot. The bus runs every 10-15 minutes. Once the bus has visited all the terminals, the ride to the hotel is about five minutes.

I’m driving to KiScon. What is the cost to park at the LAX Holiday Inn?

We have negotiated a special fee of $8 per day for the hotel parking lot.

What facilities does the hotel have?

In addition to 405 non-smoking guest bedrooms, the hotel has an exercise facility and a pool. The Landings restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is an ATM just off the lobby – note, there is a charge for withdrawals.

Is there wifi access in the con rooms?

Yes, wifi access is available in all public areas of the hotel, all con rooms, as well as guest rooms.

Where can I get food at KiScon?

You can get meals at the hotel’s Landing restaurant. There is also a McDonald’s right next to the hotel. In addition, a shuttle ride away is LAX airport, with many food outlets available ‘landside’ (i.e. before security), that are too numerous to list here.

What should I bring to KiScon?

Bring your money/cards for food and drink, and for any merchandise from our dealers, or auction items you might like to buy. If you enjoy cosplay, we encourage members to wear a costume to the Saturday evening banquet – there’s a prize voted by everyone for the best costume. If that’s not your thing, we ask that you bring something a little dressy, but that’s not mandatory. You can also bring anything you want to donate to the raffle, and anything you want display in the art show and/or sell in the auction.

What should I do on arrival at the hotel?

It depends which day you arrive. Although the con committee will be there from Tuesday, and we know a few attendees will be arriving on Wednesday, no formal activities start until Thursday afternoon. We have arranged a visit to Leonard Nimoy’s grave, leaving the hotel at 3:30pm. Members will then go to dinner at a venue to be announced (this is informally arranged and not included in your membership). If you arrive from Thursday evening onwards, you can go to registration to sign in for the convention.

Where is the convention registration?

Registration will take place in the con suite from 7pm on Thursday and from 8:30am until 5:30pm on Friday. You must register to get your con badge and con pack.

How can I volunteer to help at KiScon?

Check out our Get Involved page to find out more information about how to more actively participate in KiScon as an Ensign, a panellist, or to submit work to our artshow or vidshow.

I have applied to be an Ensign. What is it and what’s involved?

Ensign is the name we give to our volunteer helpers. If you’ve offered to be an Ensign, we’ll ask you to commit to a short time when you can help us with a number of tasks. A panel timetable will be in the pack, so you can check you won’t be volunteering during any panels you particularly want to attend. Ensigns will typically be helping at the registration desk, standing at the door checking for membership badges at the start of panels, and general helping out where needed.

I have an idea for a panel. Can I send it to you?

Yes, we welcome panel ideas! There is space on the registration form to list ideas, and you can also email them to us. All members will have the opportunity to vote on the ideas submitted a couple of months before the con, and the most popular ones will go into the program.

If my panel idea goes into the program, do I have to run it?

It’s up to you. We know that not everyone is comfortable running a panel, so it’s fine if you prefer not to. We generally don’t have a shortage of panel volunteers.

I have applied to be a Panelist. What’s involved?

Running a panel involves directing a discussion on one of the topics chosen by members. We ask for panelists in advance, so that members can choose which panel topic they’d like to run, and to give them time to prepare for it. You don’t have to be super-organized in advance, but it’s helpful if you run one with some knowledge of the topic and a few questions you’d like to pose. We’ll be giving panelists a handout with useful tips on how best to run a panel.

I’d like to submit a vid. Do I have to be a member?

No, we’ll accept vids from non-members too! You’ll find everything you need to know about the different vid shows we have planned over the weekend, and details on how to submit your vid on the Vid Show page.

I am bringing art for the art show. What should I do on arrival?

Let us know when you register, and the artshow organizers will be in touch. You can also contact them any time at . You’ll need to fill in paperwork for each piece. You can find the paperwork on the artshow page in both Excel and PDF formats. Forms will also be available on site, but you can save time by printing it off and filling it in before you arrive.

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is the act of dressing up in costume. Cosplayers at KiScon generally come as a character from the original series or from the TOS or reboot movies. While members can cosplay at any time, Saturday evening is when we hold a cosplay contest.

How does the contest work?

When you sit down for the Babel Banquet, you will find three cosplay contest tokens; these are for you to give out to those whose costumes you like best. You can give them out individually, or all to one person.

If I wear a costume do I have to enter the cosplay contest?

You don’t have to enter the cosplay contest if you’d prefer not to.

Do I have to cosplay at KiScon?

No, cosplaying is entirely optional.

I’ve heard you’re livestreaming the Science Talk on the net for non-attendees. How will that work?

We want to be clear that the camera will only point at Rhaegal, and not to anyone in the audience. During the talk, if you have any questions, we’ll ask you to write them down and we’ll gather them up at the end of her talk. Rhaegal will then read and answer the questions you’ve put to her. We will advertise the link to view the talk remotely on our website and social media accounts prior to the convention.