Art Show and Auction

The K/S fandom is fortunate enough to be home to some incredible artists, and we hope to have a variety of work on show. We welcome all forms of art and crafts, from traditional drawings to photomanips to jewellery.

If you are interested in submitting artwork for display and/or auction, please tick the box on your membership form or email us at .

All items entered into the auction will be subject to 15% commission to the convention, with the remaining proceeds going to the artist. You can also choose to have all of the proceeds donated to the convention if you prefer; all donations to the convention are used to pay convention expenses, and all surplus will be donated to a charity chosen by members at the convention.

Art show submission guidelines

  • We accept art from the original artist as well as resale art in good condition.
  • All pieces should be titled and matted, framed or laminated so they can stand up on their own.
  • Prints must be clearly labeled as "Print" on the control sheet.
  • All art pieces must be labeled in the back with the following information: name, contact information, and whether it is an original, print, or resale.
  • Art brought to KiScon must have a completed art control sheet (so we can track the art) - you must enter a line item for every piece you submit. You can download the control sheet as a PDF or Excel file.
  • You do not need to be a member of the convention to submit artwork. Artwork submitted by non-members should be brought by someone else on their behalf or sent by mail in advance of the convention (please for the mailing address). However, please note that we cannot take responsibility for anything lost or damaged in the mail.

Buying or bidding at the art auction

The artwork will be on display throughout the weekend, and those items up for auction and with at least two bids will be sold on Sunday. Please note that all winning bids must be paid for and collected by the close of the convention.